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Perfectly Crafted Monuments in Calgary

Welcome to Somerville Memorials. As one of Calgary’s oldest monument retailers, we have been providing quality memorials and monuments for customers across Alberta since 1903. Our experienced staff is well-equipped to help you in the selection of a monument that will best suit your family’s needs. We provide a wide variety of monuments and memorials, ranging from bronze plaques, vases and other accessories to flat and upright markers and elaborately-engraved monuments. Whatever manner in which you choose to memorialize your beloved, we can accommodate you!


If you require a monument in Calgary, please get in touch.

From Brandon to Calgary & Onward into the 21st Century

Our company originated in Brandon around 1896 when William Somerville ventured as far as Calgary by rail and buggy, making sales with delivery promised the following year. Our business expanded with the Somerville family opening a separate company in Calgary in 1903. The original Somerville Co. was the creator of several different kinds of monuments, made then with the same high standards of quality and service we still provide today under the dedicated management of Lorne Tucker. To schedule an appointment or request an estimate for our many products and services, please contact us!

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Our Monuments

Our company provides you with a range of options to choose from to meet your needs. Regardless of the style you select, we design your monument with careful attention. We offer the following types of monuments:

 >>> Upright Monuments: Our upright monuments are a popular choice, and we can customize them to meet your requirements.

Flat Monuments: As the name suggests, our flat monuments are placed against the grass.

Pillow Monuments: Pillow monuments are similar to flat ones, except for some elevation from the ground.


Why Choose Us?

When it comes to remembering your beloved, you should turn to someone that can meet your individual requirements. Our monument and memorial company in Calgary have been providing dependable services for many years. What has enabled us to provide you with our services is our hands-on approach. When you come to us, we listen to what you have to say. We then tailor our products and services around you.


Our years of experience in the industry allow us to meet your needs successfully. We provide high-quality products and quick and efficient services. If you'd like to learn more about us and our products, please get in touch with us.


Contact Us

If you require a monument in Calgary, please speak to our team. When you choose us, we commit ourselves to providing you with high-quality products.

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Custom Hebrew Lettering - We know traditional guidelines - Jewish Monuments
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Finely-detailed Chinese lettering to convey your storied ancestry - View our Chinese monuments

Memorial Products

We provide top-notch memorial products and a wide range of options.

Monument Accessories

With us, you can choose from various monument accessories.

Excellent Workmanship

“Good Morning Lorne, My family and I have been by to visit our dear mother's cemetery site several times over this last 6 months and I can't express to you how thrilled and thankful we all are at the work you have done on her memorial. You have made our visits so amazingly wonderful and I just wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude of the patience and kindness of your services as well as the excellence in display of workmanship. Thank you again, And have a great day! Regards,”



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7134R Fisher St SE

Calgary, AB T2H 0W5

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