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Explore Somerville Memorials Epitaph Capabilities

Somerville Memorials provides assistance with epitaphs for all your memorial and monument needs. From the Greek words epitaphios (meaning a funeral operation) and taphos (meaning tomb), an epitaph is the short message that appears engraved on a person’s tombstone, which can be customized according to your wishes. Sometimes a person may specify their epitaph before their death, while other times it’s a decision left up to those responsible for the funeral preparations. No matter your circumstances, our staff is experienced in helping make dignified epitaph selections.

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What Should Be Included in an Epitaph?

Text typically seen in epitaphs may include poem or song verses, popular quotations, words relating to the deceased individual’s family status or career (i.e. Beloved Mother of Three) or other memorable, witty phrases that best capture the individual’s personality, character or even the circumstances surrounding their death. For example, legendary voice actor Mel Blanc’s epitaph reads “That’s All, Folks!” – an amusing reference to a catchphrase he uttered at the end of many a Warner Bros.’ Looney Tunes cartoon.


Here are a few categories of sample epitaphs which we can engrave on your monument:


⦿ Memory

⦿ Faith, Hope & Trust

⦿ Life & Service

⦿ Love

⦿ Children

⦿ Understanding

⦿ Peace & Rest

⦿ God


Is there a custom epitaph you’d like included on your loved one’s tombstone? Contact us for more details about our affordable pricing.

View our catalog of epitaph examples.

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