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Jewish Monuments

Quality Jewish Headstones
and Custom Headstones in Calgary

Somerville Memorials is the only Jewish memorialist in the City of Calgary. We read and speak Hebrew and understand Jewish customs and traditions.


We have experience in assisting you with selecting and designing the appropriate Jewish monuments and Jewish headstones in Calgary that uniquely reflect the Jewish faith and traditional customs. Since Jewish cemeteries often have specific requirements about the type of monuments allowed within their gates, our staff is well-trained and kept abreast of guidelines, including monument colours, shapes and sizes, to better advise you in your selection. If you'd like to know more about custom headstones in Calgary, please speak to us.


Are you interested in other types of gravestones? Browse through our upright, flat, or Chinese monuments today.

Timeframe and Costs

We understand the value and emotions associated with the headstone and believe in delivering quality service. It generally takes around 8-16 weeks to complete a customized headstone, though depending on your requirements, we can work with you on the timeline.


The headstone's cost varies according to how you customize it: size, type, material, and more. Learn about the factors that affect cost so you can be prepared on what to expect.

Common Hebrew Inscriptions

Many Jewish headstones in Calgary include Hebrew names, letters and symbols. With our expert assistance, you can plan your Jewish monument inscriptions and traditional monument unveiling ceremonies accordingly. Here are some examples of popular Hebrew lettering used:


⦿ Here Lies: A popular Hebrew phrase inscribed on monuments is “Here Lies.” This phrase marks a beginning on the headstone in honour of the deceased soul.

⦿ Hebrew Name: In many Jewish households, giving a Hebrew name to the newborn child is a prominent part of Judaism and is commonly found on Jewish headstones. The Hebrew name is inscribed underneath the "Here Lies" phrase on the headstone. In some cases, both the Hebrew name and the western name are inscribed.

⦿ Hebrew Names of Parents: Many Jewish families choose to include the name of the deceased's parents as a token of respect to their ancestors. The inscription may read out as “בן” which translates to “son of” or “בת” which translates to “daughter of” which is further followed by the parents’ name. The position of the parents' name is below the Hebrew name of the deceased.

⦿ Date of Death according to the Hebrew Calendar: Jewish monuments also have the birth and death date of the deceased inscribed on them. Some Jewish families choose to inscribe the dates according to the Hebrew calendar. The Hebrew calendar runs many years back compared to the Gregorian (Western) calendar. For example, 2020 would be 5780. You can learn more as our team of artisans is experienced in inscriptions according to the Hebrew calendar.

⦿ Hebrew Epitaph: Hebrew epitaphs are inscribed at the bottom of the headstones. These epitaphs can be verses from scripture, famous quotes, and sayings. Our designers can also include Jewish symbols like menorahs, candlesticks, lions, and the Star of David, which is viewed as the symbol of divine protection.


For more information about our monument capabilities, please contact us today. We would be more than happy to assist in your design process for Jewish headstones in Calgary.


FAQs About Our Headstones in Calgary

The following are some commonly asked questions about our headstones in Alberta:

Please contact us if you'd like to know more. Apart from this, we also provide flat monuments.

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At Somerville Memorials, we have been providing Jewish headstones in Calgary, along with other monuments, for many years. We respect your wishes and design monuments that best reflect them. We stress personalizing the headstone as much as possible so that you can honour your loved one. Our team will design and manufacture your headstone and monument of choice with the utmost attention to detail. We know how to work with most materials to produce beautiful and durable headstones.


If you'd like to learn more about personalized headstones in Calgary, we invite you to speak to us. We are forthcoming with information and can accommodate your requests.

We serve all the Jewish Cemeteries in Calgary, 37th Street - Erlton - Beth Tzedec - Queens Park.

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