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Pillow and Flat Memorial Markers in Calgary

Somerville Memorials is here to disprove the popular societal belief that flat monuments cannot capture the unique designs and sentiments that upright counterparts have. Utilizing high-quality, durable materials including granite, bronze and marble, we’re capable of constructing aesthetically-appealing flat monuments of all sizes, shapes and colours to reflect your loved one’s spirit. Often a more affordable option than an upright monument, our selection of flat monuments all features our superior craftsmanship and range from more simplistic designs to more elaborate custom engravings. Our flat monuments can either mark a single grave or uniquely complement a larger family monument with each family member listed in the lot. If you have a design concept in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us for a pricing estimate.


What Are Flat Memorial Markers?

Flat memorial markers are typically headstones that lie flat on the ground placed at the grave’s head. It is flushed with grass and is also commonly called “grass markers.” Flat markers come in various options with quality materials used to make them look elegant and aesthetically appealing. They are set flat and flush against the ground, and they are mostly 3-4 inches in thickness with a rectangular shape. We believe in creating customized flat memorial markers with engraved artwork, designs, and full dedication for your loved ones.


Benefits of Choosing a Flat Memorial Marker

Flat memorial markers in Calgary are among the best choices for creating a permanent memorial for your beloved ones. Let us look at some benefits of choosing a flat marker:

  • Appealing and Elegant
    Flat memorial markers have an innate appeal and traditional look that caters to simple arrangements and elaborate funeral arrangements. The design and colours of such markers showcase a natural tone giving your memorial a unique appeal.
  • Versatile and Cost-Effective
    If you are looking to create elegant markers that reflect your loved ones’ personality, flat markers come in a variety of materials and colours. Our skilled artisans design each marker with personalized artwork that is versatile and beautiful. Flat markers are also cost-effective and affordable for all kinds of funeral arrangements. Adding popular memorial accessories to your headstone is also very easy and adds a touch of elegance to it.
  • Increased Durability
    Memorial stones are meant to be long-lasting and are expected to withstand the test of time and weather changes such as rain and hail. If the marker breaks and deteriorates sooner than expected, then it is not created for the long-run. Our flat memorial markers are highly durable and intact over time. They are also resistant to deterioration and discoloration.
  • Easy Maintenance
    Maintaining your flat memorial marker is easier as compared to other types of headstones. You can simply use some dishwashing soap, clean cloth and water to restore the shine in your flat marker effortlessly.

Pillow Markers as an Alternative Option

Similar to a flat marker, pillow monuments are levelled close to the ground. We carry options that are flat or have an open-book appearance. Pillow-style markers differentiate from a flat marker as it elevates off the ground, slightly raised. The back slopes higher than the front side, which adds to the distinctive look. If you’re looking for a monument that stands out subtly, a pillow marker is a great option for you. Talk to our experienced staff to learn about the options we carry, and if it meets your cemetery’s regulations.

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