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Upright vs. Flat Monuments – Which to Choose?

Calgary offers beautiful historical cemeteries bringing a beautiful presence to areas that are typically avoided. 

Most of this beauty is due to the gravestones that decorate each plot. Memorial graves are more than a label. They are a way to show love and remembrance to the deceased by putting that love into a design. 

If you want to learn about the popular gravestone styles, like flat memorial markers, in Calgary, then look no further. Keep reading as we explore these timeless gravestone options. 


Deciding Your Wants and Needs

Before you choose a gravestone in Calgary, take the time to figure out what your needs and wants are for your loved one's resting place. 

Start by familiarizing yourself with common factors that affect gravestones. Then think about what you want.

Do you picture a big monument or something subtle? Granite or marble? Think about your dear departed and their personality, and use a custom gravestone as an opportunity to showcase who they were. The passing of a loved one is never easy, and finding ways to incorporate them into the world around you is an important part of healing. 

Flat Memorial Markers

Flat memorial markers are gravestones that sit at the head of the grave space, flush to the ground. There are also pillow markers, which are slightly raised flat markers. 

These understated gravestones bring simplicity and elegance to the burial site. Many believe that since it's small and durable that it can't be unique or beautiful. But that couldn't be further from the truth. With our expert craftsmanship and a wide array of designs, a flat memorial marker can be a meaningful tribute to your departed loved ones.

Some cemeteries only allow this style of gravestone because of its minimalist aesthetic. This is the perfect choice for those looking for a more cost-effective option. 

Upright Monuments

Upright monuments are bigger than flat monuments and are often built from a slab of granite in either black or brown. These are an excellent option for those who want a stately physical space where they can go and honour their loved ones.

These are growing in popularity because of the personality and beauty they offer. From obelisks to full-on desks, the possibilities are endless. Here at Somerville Memorials, we supply a large variety of shapes, sizes, and layouts, giving you full customization.

Before you order, check with your local cemetery to ensure your gravestone meets its specifications. Our team can also help with that process.

Finding Your Ideal Upright and Flat Memorial Markers

Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard, so we make finding upright and flat memorial markers in Calgary easy. Our expert designs and range of materials will help you create the perfect gravestone for your loved ones.

If you're dealing with the unfortunate death of a family member during these hard times, then call Sommerville Memorials today for a free consultation, and we'll work together to make this time easier. 



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