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Funeral Costs to Consider

Over 20,000 people die each year in Alberta alone. When it comes to discussing death and planning a funeral, it can be quite challenging. Unfortunately, most people will eventually have to face this and funeral costs are part of that difficult process. But we're here to help. Keep reading to learn about the different funeral costs to consider.


The Burial

The type of funeral you choose to go with will affect the cost. While cremation is on the rise, a traditional burial remains the most common choice.


With a burial, your funeral cost breakdown will include several different factors. One of the first things to look at when trying to determine your average funeral cost is the type of casket you choose.


A casket made of metal, fiberboard, fibreglass, or plastic can average around $2,400. If you decide to get mahogany, bronze, or a copper casket, that price can dramatically increase.


Beyond the choice of a casket, other services you'll need to pay for include embalming and transportation of the body.


Non-Declinable Service Fees

If you have a burial service through a funeral home, there will be basic service fees you'll be responsible for. The fees are meant to cover expenses like:

  • Funeral directing
  • Processing the death certificate
  • Communication with the cemetery


Memorial Monuments

Memorials, also known as tombstones, are another important factor that will influence your funeral costs. If you're in Calgary, then Somerville Memorials can help with cost-effective and personalized options. Depending on the type, prices will vary. If you are on a budget, pillow or flat memorial markers for Calgary cemeteries are a great option. 


Colour, material, and marker-type affect the price, and since there are many customizable options, our team will be able to help you stay within your budget. We are here to help guide you through the process and make this difficult time less stressful.


When you need a monument for a Calgary funeral, let us help memorialize your loved one the way you envision.


Additional Fees

As you can see, there are a variety of different fees that go into a funeral. Some of the other standard services you'll need to plan into your funeral cost include:

  • Staff and facility fees
  • Burial plot
  • Interment fee
  • Obituary notice


Funeral Costs

Much goes into the overall funeral costs you will face. Every funeral differs slightly and will vary in cost based on personal decisions, from whether the casket is buried in a grave or interred within a vault. There is no single right way. The only thing that matters is what fits you and your family's needs.


When you reach the step of selecting a gravestone, you can contact our team for guidance. We've been in business since 1903 and can respectfully help you through the difficult process of finding a memorial monument and connecting with the proper cemetery. We have a large selection of monuments to ensure your choice is unique and tailored to your needs.


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